On truth and belief

The truth can be a cruel enemy, especially if one happens to be netted in the wrong side of it. It is true that we need oxygen to live, whether one believes this or chooses not to is up to them. What is the truth, anyway? The truth is that which has been there, it […]

On the forgiveness of sins.

My dear friends i begin with ‘if’; this is one of the most powerful words in the English language; if denotes probability, if denotes possibility, if denotes expectation, if denotes a lot of things. So, if we are humble, if here denotes a condition, which one? Humility; if we are humble enough, we will approach […]

On Goals and Progress.

“Certainly, a man should set goals, a woman nonetheless, because seriously, how do you keep track of your life? How do you get to know where your life is? How do you know what is working and what is not? Goals are everything, son.” I did my first set of goals 43 days ago and […]

On candles and meditation.

“What do you see inside the flame?” “I see nothing.” But isn’t that the whole point of meditation? It is about becoming one with the present, letting go of the past and not worrying about the future, it is about finding peace within yourself, it is about being one with the flow of life, it […]

On relationships.

“May I please have this dance?” Her eyes shone like twinkly stars, The night was young, and our hearts’ on fire, The rain beat hard and our hearts harder… Relationships are a different experience for each one of us. He wanted to be her knight, she was always being told what is and what’s not. […]

Physical Fitness and Mental Growth.

Now I’ve been away quite some time and we may wonder what was going on all that time. The most memorable day i can recall is when i worked out together with my trainers, both of them. Good people those are. One thing training your body to be fit does to you is it creates […]

Servant Leadership.

The subject of leadership is broad, to say the least, the various aspects of leadership that are discussed vary from one to another. What do you think about leadership? Who is your model leader? Why that specific one? On servant leadership; this is leadership for the benefit of others; this is the type of leadership […]